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The most difficult situation…

The most difficult situation for me it is when your success depends not on your skills or efforts you are putting, but on the failure of the others only. Don’t know what to do with this…

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Ukraine – Liga:Zakon (Лига:Закон)

I’ve described my highly successful and pleasant experience with Amazon Kindle. Device and especially set of services around the device gives you a feeling of getting exactly what you want without any obstacles and “noises” around. And now I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Kindle – Ukraine – Zhytomyr

This post has been inspired by my usage of Amazon Kindle E-reader. I’ve bought it to get rid of all paper books lying everywhere and bring some order to my personal “reading-management”. I also have to admit that delivery process … Continue reading

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Наш путь

(From the old savings 🙂 ) Наверное, каждый как минимум раз в жизни, хотя можно и не лукавить – много раз в жизни задумывался о том, что за прошедшее время можно было сделать намного больше, чем, собственно, было сделано. Я … Continue reading

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(From the old savings 🙂 ) Ицхак Адизес, автор исследований жизненных циклов компаний выделяет НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ (по которому идут большинство успешных компаний, делая ошибки, но правильно их исправляя) и ОПТИМАЛЬНЫЙ – по которому идёт лишь небольшая часть компаний, предвидя ошибки и … Continue reading

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Doing business in Ukraine. Advices for Nobody. Part 1.

Tax inspection forces private entrepreneurs to get a lot of signatures before they could apply for paying “Single/simple” tax in the next year. Huge queues of private entrepreneurs are wasting time in the tax inspection spending around 3 hours in … Continue reading

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Push it. Do what you think is right.

Some efforts put by the person to make things happen and the following discussion with that parson inspired me to write this post. The person was applying person’s natural skills to put things in a right order by organizing other … Continue reading

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“How Millennials Learn” (from, I have doubts

I’ve just read an article How Millennials Learn from the I have a serious doubt. “We need and want guidance and direction.”… But the problem of a lot of “Millennials” is the presence of “need” and the absence of … Continue reading

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