Kindle – Ukraine – Zhytomyr

This post has been inspired by my usage of Amazon Kindle E-reader.
I’ve bought it to get rid of all paper books lying everywhere and bring some order to my personal “reading-management”.
I also have to admit that delivery process of Amazon was the best-established delivery process I’ve ever had trying to order something with delivery to Zhytomyr:

  • you choose and order a book;
  • Amazon tells you that it will take up to around 28 days;
  • you have it at your local post-office in around 14+/-2 days.

Around 20-25 have been bought. Every-time as described above.

Then I’ve bought the Kindle:

  • I’ve choose it (3-rd generation, WiFi+3G) and clicked “Buy”.
  • Amazon reminded me, that I live in Europe, so I might need an “European charger”.
  • Thank you, Amazon, valuable remark. I do need it.
  • I’ve got everything very quickly.
  • My Kindle has been registered to my Amazon account and all Kindle books I’d bought were already downloaded to my Kindle.

A lot of my fellows were complaining that Kindle is very proprietary and is “too much adjusted” to Amazon’s proprietary (you need to pay for) books.
But just look how the book purchasing process looks now:

  • I meet a comment or a link to a Book in some article in the Internet.
  • I search for the Book on the Amazon (It is quite often when the link to the Book on the Amazon is already in the article. Looks like an Ad, but it is really comfortable for me – nice Ad.).
  • I read an annotation and several comments.
  • In case I like it: i click “Buy now with 1-Click”.
  • When I switch-on my Kindle the Book is being delivered within a minute (it has a built-in GSM chip and uses some GSM network, I even don’t know and actually don’t care which one).

I’ve measured time once – it took me 4 minutes between first info about a book till the time it was on my Kindle ready to be read.

I have a lot of ideas, but you probably will have a lot of your own…

Please imagine how we could improve all aspects of our life if everything work like “Amazon Kindle process”…

Dmitry Antonyuk. Zhytomyr.

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3 Responses to Kindle – Ukraine – Zhytomyr

  1. filmklon says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m sitting in a Coffee Life cafe and noticed someone unpacking their new Amazon Kindle. I’m sure they will have a similar experience.

  2. Nastya says:

    Do you know if kindle can read russian texts(alphabet)

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