Doing business in Ukraine. Advices for Nobody. Part 1.

Tax inspection forces private entrepreneurs to get a lot of signatures before they could apply for paying “Single/simple” tax in the next year. Huge queues of private entrepreneurs are wasting time in the tax inspection spending around 3 hours in the small rules without fresh air and probably with a lot of bacterias and viruses of different kind of flues. “Documents for only 2 private entrepreneurs” might be signed for each arrived person. Why?:
Why to waste productive time of  a lot the most active people?
Why not accept passing more than 2? Two results:
– one accountant will repeatedly stay in queues for several days);
– busy tax inspectors have to serve huge amount of economy-newbies insted of serving much less economically- savvy accountants.
Why to energize flu-epidemic?

What for?

Everything might be simpler:
– Make a List of those who really didn’t pay some taxes to the government automatically.
– Simply check either arrived private entrepreneur is in the List.
– If he is not – “Sign”, if he is – “Sent to appropriate inspector to solve his problems”.

Why no to organize the process in such a way?

Dmitry Antonyuk. Zhytomyr.

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