Push it. Do what you think is right.

Some efforts put by the person to make things happen and the following discussion with that parson inspired me to write this post.
The person was applying person’s natural skills to put things in a right order by organizing other people. It was difficult as it is difficult to manage people. Other difficult point was that the person doesn’t have any formal power to manage those people.
I was observing this type of the person’s behavior for a long time. The efforts pay off, but difficult.
But the person definitely has an ability to organize others and really cares about the things person is involved in.
My advices were:

  • to keep behaving so despite all difficulties;
  • to train these skills to be able to apply them in the future and get additional advantages in comparison with others;
  • to find out what type of job fits person’s skills and wishes the best;
  • try to apply all above-mentioned points to make a life a bit more colorful.

To all:
do not hesitate to apply and train your natural skills even if they are marginal in the society/people-group around you;
do preferably what is interesting for you;
do not hesitate to ask for advice.

To the person: Keep so!

Dmitry Antonyuk. Zhytomyr.

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2 Responses to Push it. Do what you think is right.

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s really very difficult to make other peoples to do something, specially if they don’t want it. The worst case, if we have team, which consists of the people of the same range and they are volunteers. It’s very hard to influence on that peoples anyway. I believe, sometimes each member of that team can think: “Who Does He Think He Is ? And For What Reason I Should Follow His Advices? For What I Should Listen To Him?”.
    And really everybody starts do what they want to. And that person simply can give up.
    In that case it’s very helpfull if somebody believes in that person…

  2. Here are several points:
    – These questions are present: “Who Does He Think He Is ? And For What Reason I Should Follow His Advices? For What I Should Listen To Him?”. But those volunteers have some reasons to put their efforts…
    – Believe is one of the main reasons to work with somebody for the “interesting” people.

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