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Existence. Goals. Movement.

This idea was for a long time walking around my brain: – Do we understand who we are and where we are? – Are we going to go somewhere? – If we are going to go somewhere, do we really … Continue reading

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Ukrainian wishes: To earn as europeans to work as usual

I’ve got some inspiration to write a post about “some differences” between “what I would like to earn” and “what I am going to do for those earnings”. Despite all our wishes “to be like a Europe”, we have to … Continue reading

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My first post on the site. What is this all for.

Hello, All. My name is Dmitry Antonyuk. I am going to publish something interesting here. The most interesting topics for me to discuss here are: – What may/shall I improve/change performing the role of director of ISM Ukraine ( http://www.ism-ukraine.comContinue reading

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