Right ideas vs. Wrong people

Three events have inspired me to write this post:

  1. Reading of the Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders book written by Jurgen Appelo.
  2. Attempt to hire experienced and/or talented Product Owners and part-time junior accountant with good knowledge in accounting and visible abilities and desire to grow to the role of Chief Accountant in the future for ISM Ukraine.
  3. Seeing a lot of possible projects which may give talented and active student and young people possibility to gain an experience needed to get an interesting and rewarding job.

“Having Right people is the key factor to implement any idea” – everybody agree with this.
Absence of the right people makes any good idea useless in the best case and unsuccessful  – in the worst.

Looks obvious, but is being difficult to understood .

It is much easier with an idea, it needs some knowledge and some overview to be created.

And what needs to be done to grow (thanks to Jurgen Appelo for the right word) Right People:

  1. Right influence by the parents in the childhood.
  2. Kind and careful educator at a kinder-garden.
  3. Educated and passionate teachers at school.
  4. Interesting and inspiring lecturers at university.
  5. Skilled and self-assured supervisor at work.

We have five points and each of them depends on the “quality” of the other people.
Fail of one (or may be two in some cases) points may be substituted by the perfect other points. But all depends on the people.

We all know the reality:

  • Parents are often busy at work and/or don’t know what to do with their children.
  • Kinder-garden’s personnel cares about collecting money to paint walls at the kinder-garden.
  • Teachers at school care about making a “golden medal” for director’s son (daughter).
  • Professors at universities care about publishing the next “scientific” book.
  • Supervisors at work care about their own promotions.

Looks pessimistic. It is. But there are exceptions caused either by good parents-educators-teachers-lecturers-supervisors together with the titanic efforts of the people themselves.

I am able to say proudly and with the big respect to all of them that I had those parents-educators-teachers-lecturers-supervisors. I still remember their names.
And I am very lucky to work, talk and observe around me very “Right people”.
But we need much more. With “we” I mean: myself as a person, our company, our city, Ukraine, humanity.

Ukraine also need to study an importance of the Right People. You may look, for example, at the mergers and acquisitions in the “developed countries” and in Ukraine. The  biggest deals on the planet are about “bright people and the perfect ideas”, in Ukraine – about “monopolies, natural and administrative resources”.

The picture described at this post may look very negative, but I don’t like to leave a negative conclusions. My mentality forces me to put my efforts towards finding a recommendations and the solution, if possible.

I understand that reading this post you are either on the 4-th (university) or on the 5-th (employment) stage, but just think please if you may improve yourself or at least guide/force the others to put a lot of efforts to become one of those “Right People”.

Dmitry Antonyuk, Zhitomir 2011

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