Ukraine – Liga:Zakon (Лига:Закон)

I’ve described my highly successful and pleasant experience with Amazon Kindle. Device and especially set of services around the device gives you a feeling of getting exactly what you want without any obstacles and “noises” around.
And now I’ll tell about Liza:Zakon the system which is claimed by Liga has to supply me with all kind of information I might need in my day-to day acting as a director of software development company.
Sequence is the next:

  • We have ordered the “Liga:Premium. Network version for 4 sits” from the local dealer.
  • We have got a bill and paid it.
  • We were waiting for 4 days to get a CD with our Liga and the key. (Nice delivery process of the “advanced information system”)
  • We have succeed with its installation on the 3-rd server only. Liga declined to be installed on the previous two without any reasonable explanations. (Our System Administrators are highly skilled professionals day-to-day installing different kind of software to the different versions of Windows and Linux operation systems.)
  • E-mail stated on the site as an e-mail of Support doesn’t work at all.
  • Wen we contacted Liga by phone for additional info the response was: “Contact your dealer.”
  • We needed to download an update. It took 4 hours.
  • We needed to re-index database. We had to stop this process after 14 hour of re-indexing.

And now about Client-side Application.

  • I an able to close it using TaskManager only every time I start the Application.
  • The Application doesn’t respond after I start keyword’s search in the New Taxation Code.

Sorry, but it doesn’t look like a “Service”…

Dmitry Antonyuk. Zhytomyr.

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2 Responses to Ukraine – Liga:Zakon (Лига:Закон)

  1. PAUL BYFIELD says:

    have you been able to resolve this issue with Liga, I am interested to read your comments. We are having a few problems at the moment too.
    best regards
    Paul Byfield

    • Hello, Paul.

      After a long battle with Liga our very experienced System Administrator has installed server part on the physical server. It looks like Liga doesn’t support virtual servers.
      Client part works on the computers of our accountants. It doesn’t work correctly on my laptop. I am angry at Liga now and don’t want to put much more efforts to solving this problem.
      My OS will be reinstalled within several weeks and I’ll try with Liga again than.
      Hope it will work.


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