Ukrainian wishes: To earn as europeans to work as usual

I’ve got some inspiration to write a post about “some differences” between “what I would like to earn” and “what I am going to do for those earnings”. Despite all our wishes “to be like a Europe”, we have to honestly remember that we are around 5 years behind in technological and organizational sens, and about 15 years behind in the sens of economical development. It looks like we have to work like a crazy (or better, like a very inspired by the possible future positive outcome) to develop Ukraine to the European country, and it is very sad to see, that only few of us are ready to do something to make our motherland better.
It is easy:
– Try to think what you are able to do better;
– Try to find how to do it better;
– Do it.
Sometimes you don’t need money to work more efficient, – you just need to optimize you way of doing things, than try to optimize the way people around you are working, show the difference to others.

Dmitry Antonyuk. Zhytomyr.

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2 Responses to Ukrainian wishes: To earn as europeans to work as usual

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the standard wish of peoples is : “I want to do nothing, but earn a lot” .. That’s typically and there’s nothing amazing ..

  2. Yes, but it is good to support you wish with some efforts.

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